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Where To Buy Mosaic Supplies

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

There are so many great places to buy product. In this post, I’m hoping to save you the time of searching. I have found that one place doesn’t have it all. Here is my cumulative list:

Broken Flat China: Ebay

Pre-cut Stained Glass Squares: SSWW


Where to buy scrap Glass and Tiles


If you are seeking scrap stained glass I highly recommend seeking scrap from stained glass artists. They are almost always happy to sell their scrap glass cheap. Try Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, Ebay, etc. Try reaching out to other glass artists on Facebook and Instagram. I’ve had great luck with the glass wind chime makers as of recent.


In San Diego, Alpine Glass and Dolphin Glass sell scrap glass

Glass Blobs, Rocks, Miscellaneous

Always check your $.99 Cent Stores and Walmart craft section. A great source for miscellaneous items. Thrift stores and garage sales can produce some treasures as well.



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