Adult Mosaic Art Kit ~ Select Your Project Piece and Supplies Here for Online Mosaic Class

Email With Any Questions About Your Kit or Project Piece

Click on the following links to create your mosaic kit ~ most of these products can be purchased same day at your local Home Depot or Lowes store

Items will ship from Amazon or purchase these items directly from your local hardware store, Hobby Lobby, or preferred craft store (no plastic pieces)

One Tube GE Silicone Adhesive

Mixed Stained Glass (800) Pieces                             You Will Need These Products for Your Online Class

Flat Glass Marbles (blue)                   

Pre-Mix Grout (Dark Grey)                

Large Stained Glass Pieces (optional)

Mosaic Class Projects                                               You Will Need to Purchase Your Project Piece



Wood Framed Mirror

Stained Glass Options

Large Stained Glass Pieces

Pre-Cut (100) Stained Glass Leaves

Pre-Cut (480) Stained Glass Pieces

Mosaic Blue Tiles (320) Pieces

Mixed Stained Glass (100) Pieces

Mixed Stained Glass (800) Pieces

Venetian Glass Options

Mixed Colors Venetian Glass Tile - 3 Pound (48 oz) 3/4 Inch (20mm)

Broken China Options

Blue and White China Pieces 20oz

Ceramic & Talavera Tile Options

Green 2x2 Tiles (36 pieces)

Yellow 2x2 Tiles (36 pieces)

Royal Crown Talvera Tiles 2x2 (36 pieces)

Miscellaneous Options

Flat Glass Marbles (100) White


GE Silicone Clear 2 Pack

Tile Mastic Adhesive

Weldbond 101oz

Weldbond 2oz

SimpleSet Pre-Mixed Thin-Set Mortar 1 QT


Pre-Mix Grout (Dark Grey)

Sanded Powder Grout ~ 7lb. White


SimpleSet Pre-Mixed Thin-Set Mortar 1 QT


Rit Dye

Cement Dye Colors


Murphy Oil Soap 16oz

Miracle Sealants Tile Sealer


Tile Nippers

Grouting Sponges

Grouting Tool ~ Margin Float

Gift Card

Full Length Mirror ~ Chakra Mirror Class

Wood Box for Decoupage or Mosaic

Products Often Needed To Get Started Making Mosaics